Friday Fish Supper


This supper is really quick to prepare and I think it tastes great. I have used whiting here as it was on special at my local fish mongers, but monk-fish, or cod would work equally well.


Whiting fillets

Smoked Paprika



smoked paprika



lemon juice

I want supper on Friday to be quick and easy to prepare. We all work hard during the week and when Friday comes we are tired and want to ease ourselves gently into the weekend!

You simply rub the fish fillets with smoked paprika and pan fry in a little olive oil. This size fillet only takes 2 – 3 minutes on a low heat each side. I also pop a slice of lemon in with the fish – I love how it becomes caramelised in the pan, and tastes delicious.

The dressing is so simple! I almost feeling like I am cheating!

Mix one tbsp ketchup, the same of mayonnaise and one tsp paprika, and last one tbsp of lemon juice.




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