Wordpressmainpic Don’t you just love Spring? Look at these cute snow drops and daffodils bursting into life 🙂

After recently taking part in a ‘Home Cook’ competition on tv, I have finally mustered the courage to begin a blog. I must be ok, otherwise they wouldn’t have picked me, right?!  Okay so I didn’t win, but the experience has given me the bug. 

I am a very busy Mum of two children, so my time is limited to cook, with school runs, various classes and play dates, but I just adore food! I am a home cook, not a chef. The food I like to cook is simple, easy to prepare and accessible to everyone 🙂

Nutrition is very important to me, and also cooking to suit the seasons, We grow some of our own food, and most herbs. The preparation has already begun in our poly-tunnel, so hopefully I will have lots of delicious seasonal produce to create more recipes for you soon. 

Our family like to keep active and healthy, so we try to keep the treats as healthy and homemade where possible!

All photos and recipes are my own, so please I ask you not to copy photos, thank you! If you wish to use my recipe on your blog, I really hope you will link it to me. Thank you kindly 🙂

If you are interested in delicious, healthy, nutritious food, then follow my blog, but please, be gentle, I’m new ;0)



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